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Thailand drift series 2014 (TDS), Round 2 @ Indoor Athletics Stadium Pattaya – 29th & 30th November


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Pattaya city with SK Group and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Jointly racing Drift Thailand Drift Series 2014 Mr.Sontaya Khunpleam (former Minister of Tourism and Sports. ), chaired the task of this contest. It also Mr.Ithipol Khunpleam Pattaya Mayor As Director of Competition, Mr. Suriya Kijsamrej Directors of SK Group organizing secretary and Mr.Chaiyod Iamsomboonkorn Managing PPS Super Wheel Group (Thailand) Co. Ltd. jointly organized the event.inspire-pattaya1.jpg
-- Inspire Pattaya 29-30-11-2014


For more information please visit http://www.inspirepattaya.com/pattaya/thailand-drift-series-2014-tds-round-2-indoor-athletics-stadium-pattaya-29th-30th-november/

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