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Visa options after baby is born

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Im currently on a 1 yr ext of stay based on working at a university. I have a baby now with my thai ‘wife’ although we have not done the official registration at the amphur.

I write to ask what are my best options for visa if I discontinue working mid next year. As I understand it I have 2 main options:

1. Put 400k in the bank 3 months before quitting my job and register legal marriage at the amphur

2. 3 to 6 months before quitting (i.e. now) pay a lawyer to make it official in the court that I am the father of my baby and then get extension of stay based on the documents (i.e no need to get married at amphur).

Are these my 2 main options if Im under 50 yrs old?

I’m vague about the reasons, if any, of going to court to prove Im the father if I persue option 1. Is there any point. Currently my name is on the birth certificate- Ive read any name can go on the birth certificate. What Im getting at is…. Should I be paying a lawyer anyway to get the court documents just in case something goes wrong with my relationship etc. Or do I not need to get the court documents in my situation because my name is on the birth cert and then I get married to the mother on the birth certificate.

Many thanks

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1. It is 400k in the bank for 2 months or 40k baht income. It is the same financial requirement to get an extension as a parent of a Thai or marriage except for parent the money does not need be in the bank for any time.

2. It is up to you. You can legitimize your parenthood through the family court. See: How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

If you get married to your child's mother that makes you the legal father.

Marriage or being a parent of a Thai are the only good extension of stay options for you.

You can get a work permit and work on either of these extensions. No worry about loosing your job and loosing your extension at the same time.

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