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Smoke, Smog, Dust 2015 Chiang Mai


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A decent twelve hours of continuous rain in Mae Rim overnight, that'll put the burners out of business for a couple of days.

Wishful thinking, MEthinks. Business as usual in rural San Kamphaeng this afternoon. And we had rain last night, too sad.png

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Is it time for the 2016 issue?

Not quite yet. I have at least a dozen pinned topics in various places that I have to organize for their annual update. But haven't forgotten this one. smile.png

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Smog, most would not know Smog even if it hit them.



4K to 12K deaths in London and surrounding area.

I was a school kid in 50's and lived in the Industrial North West of UK.

A Coal and Cotton town.

Smog that limited vision to a few feet. Coal was the problem, cheap and local.

Then California had their Smog, Vehicle related and they brought out emission laws that most of the world has followed.

The Indian GP was a revelation you could not see the end of the longest straight and all know about China, Beijing shown so often to TV viewers.

CM does not have World Class Smog.

Mind you a bad year and away I go to seaside, for not nice.


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