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Road conditions...Krabi to Hat Yai and return


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I have to drive from Krabi to Hat Yai and back. Planned to leave tomorrow 20th and return by the 23rd.

Any current info on the flooding/danger situation in the areas...Trang, Patthalung, Hat Yai would be much appreciated.

Given what I have seen in a couple of published reports, its appears to be bad. But I would prefer to get some first hand info please.


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I have just read the " Nine Thai South provinces to face floods, landslides " thread and am left wondering what the "disaster" in Hat Yai is about. Yes, there's been heavy rain, but as far as I am aware, there's no flooding anywhere in the city. The Mayor announced yesterday that IF the heavy rain continues last night, we should expect flooding in the city in 30 hours.

The rain did not continue in a heavy way.

I live in a soi that was over a meter deep in the last flood, and significantly, the swamp at the end of the soi which is at least a meter below the street level is not even flooded yet.

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Here are my suggestions for going from Krabi to Hat Yai ...


(Of course) - From Krabi take Highway 4 towards Trang. But when reaching the Intersection of Highway 403 - Turn right and go South... you will eventually see Highway 419 ... a Ring Road/ Loop around Trang... Unless you want to go into Trang City you can simply go around it... and reconnect to Highway 4 to Phatthalung and the Highway AH2 Intersection there.

This will keep you from driving on a section of Highway 4 with curvy bad road and having to make narrow rough railroad crossings about 5 times and avoids the urban area of Trang - if that is okay with you.

From Phatthalung - you drive further south on Highway AH2 all the way to Hat Yai.


Google Maps Coordinates for the Intersection of Highway 4 - with Highway 403 = 7.804450, 99.590916

- Just Copy / Paste or type the GPS Coordinate numbers into a Google Map search.

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Thanks bud. I am following all your info per our PMs. This post was just to check on flood conditions.

Thailoneus -- I didn't even notice it was you who posted this topic thread... I thought I was just passing on the information we worked up earlier to someone else... wow! Tired from my own trip ... I just got back from a trip myself ... all the way up to Nong Khai and back -- Plane - train - bus ... in a mixed package...

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