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The Krung Thai bank is owned by the govt. Most public sector employees have their salaries paid there. It is not subject to the market forces that private banks are. It has a captive market. If you say its website is bad, I totally believe you. Krung Thai has a very poor record for customer service.

Use Bangkok Bank or Siam Commercial.

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I suppose you mean: www.krungsrionline.com - what exactly DO YOU THINK - is wrong with their website?

He said Krung Thai Bank; not Krungsri Bank. I have Krungsri ibanking and it's fine.

Correct. They recently changed the web site - I suppose they would call it an "upgrade", but the problems I now have in using it have increased.

Immediately after they made the "upgrade" several weeks ago, I couldn't download my statement in Excel format. Or any format, come to that. It simply didn't work.

Yesterday it did work. Whoop-dee-doo. dry.png

But, in order to specify the date range for the download, the web page produces a window within the page. This window has its own vertical scroll bar. After every click or entry that I made, the entire web page would refresh and would reset this window back to the top. So I had to use the vertical scroll bar to get back to the bottom of the window to continue specifying the dates, file type, etc. This happened about 10 or 12 times while I was doing this normally simple function. Irritating as h3ll.

Plus, none of the buttons have help or tool-tip text when you hover the mouse over them. So it's pure guesswork as to what will happen when you click on them.

What kind of person would accept such a lousy bit of software as "suitable for use".

(Rhetorical question)

I'm seriously thinking of changing bank now.

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