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How long can I wait to pick up work permit?

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Could use some help on this one. I have neen issued a work permit and have been told to pick it up on the 27th in person. I will be flying out of the country tomorrow and will not be returning until the 6th of Jan. The paper that I was given says quite clearly that I must pick it up that day or " it is possible" I will have to start the whole process over. Can anyone help me out with this as I don't want to be stressed out for my whole holiday.

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I cannot answer the question directly. Today being 25th and 27 on Saturday, my advice is that if the work permit is issued on whatever day, I cannot understand why it must be picked up on a particular date. If you come there and pick it up any day after that day cannot have any impact on the fact that the work permit being issued or not, as it already has been issued as implied by the pick up date. Someone stamped the wrong date, as 27 is on a Saturday.

Of course you must already though this through, just trying to affirm, but cannot really be 100% sure.

And you have to be there in person, I have picked up my work permit many times with the help of our company staff, but my presence is has always been required "at the counter" not even allowed to sit in front while the staff takes care of business.

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