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Signing a document (Agreement) in case of seperation


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This is i a goodie, a buddy asked if it will hold up, I laughed but on second thought who knows, it is Thailand !!

His misses in a huffy puff wants him to go down to the local cop shop and sign a form in English saying if he is a naughty boy in her opinion that she can leave him, take everything and he agrees to a simple divorce.

I giggled, told him to sign it, edit out the name and post it here for a good laugh, but, the Thai legal system is at best, werriod.

Any thoughts ?

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Just for bigger giggles, tell your friend to take the English document to some unknown translator service and have it translated into a Thai version for her to sign as well only alter the terms from "naughty boy" to "naughty girl" etc. then have her sign it in the same police station at the same time in front of the same people. wai2.gifcheesy.gif

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