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Gold Jewelry Repair - Where?


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does anyone have a recommendation of where to go to get gold jewelry repaired in C.M.? i've been to about 6 shops now that sell gold jewelry. when i ask about repairing jewelry they all look at me with a bewildered look and say "mai dai". when i ask where to go to repair jewelry i get "mai roo". certainly in a country that sells gold jewelry on almost every corner there must be the need to repair it from time to time?

i need some simple stuff, like up-sizing an 18K gold band and repairing the eye on the clasp of an 18K gold chain. the kind of stuff that could be done in any jewelry shop in Europe by heating up the gold.


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I do not have a personal recommendation, but I remember seeing a place that sells and gives jewelry making classes. I searched online for it. It's called Nova Collection. I've been in the shop while a friend was buying a ring, but I have really do not know anything about them.

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