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Is it true?


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I was planning to purchase one of the many IPTVs out there.

When I contacted the seller he said he does not recommend to have TRUE as an ISP.

He explained that TRUE decrease the down speed for such services. Is that true?

Can you please advise? Thank you.

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No idea...

Where I live have no other option but TRUE, now a day that package is 15 Mbps.. [so say]

So up early this morning test on http://speedtest.adslthailand.com/ = 14.05 Mbps

Test on http://testmy.net/ = 5.5 Mbps

7 PM yesterday http://speedtest.adslthailand.com/ = 13.05 Mbps

Test on 'test my net was less than 1 Mbps..

so evenings and weekends often find lots of buffeting, sometimes can not watch TV at all....... would point out that is on BBC via my PC, also downloaded the XBMC media player for windows PC = no better..

No idea if the IPTV package/box is better ?

Maybe check your speed on http://testmy.net/ at the times you normally watch TV ...... from what I have read the IPTV boxes need at least 2 Mbps to work.

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The IPTV I purchased is hosted in Germany and it is wise to have 4 MBs down speed (from Germany) at all times.


4 Mbit/s from Germany continuously is not an easy goal independent how fast your DSL connection (contract) is.

Funny to read that this time True is to blame whistling.gif

I had a test with another similar provider.

He blamed my ToT connection (20 MBit/s fibre optic) tongue.png

Where do you live?

I have little concrete info about Seganova, except for a talk to a Seganova customer in Pattaya (manager of a Swiss restaurant).

He said: I have a 30 Mbit 3BB connection and it is "OK", but others in town complain about repeated freezing video.

The feature of Seganova is its biggest problem at the same time: seem to offer very high definition quality only.

Seems unrealistic to me with streaming from abroad.

The same story over and over: international connections are much slower than the nominal rates and subject to high variation.

I am happy to pay about 1000 Baht/month for a trouble free German language IPTV service streaming from Bangkok (Global TV).

For me its not worth the hassle to experiment with the Android boxes to save about 400 Baht or so.

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Well this is what I get from Germany. Looks not to bad.

My Location is Nana, Bangkok.


That HIGH download speed is probably bogus...probably the result of local cache servers in Thailand. Speedtest.net is a flash-based/OOKLA program that can be easily fooled by local cache servers....that is, it's really downloading from a local cache server in Thailand and not the server in far off Farang Land. It's notorious for giving bogus international download speed and/or ping time....but its fine for in-country/local testing.

People use speedtest.net and get fantastic download speeds and then wonder why they can't stream live video or youtube video without a lot of pausing when that video only needs a few Mb of bandwidth. This is usually caused by a low realworld download speed or the data flow is not "steady, consistent" which is critical for streaming video. A speedtester usually "averages" out speeds done during the speedtest like averaging a peak speed of 25Mb and low speed of 5Mb to give a result of 15Mb. A pretty good download speed "except" it was not a steady, consistent speed....instead a stop & go, high-to-low speed flow which video streaming don't work well with.

Check your speed again using the testmy.net speedtester and be sure to change the server in the upper right hand corner to London since that is the only European area server they have; otherwise, it defaults to a U.S. server for your testing.

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As said in Post 2 at 5 am this morning... just done another test using the testmy.net Download :: 1.4 Mbps 179 kB/s arrow-up-doubleM.png Upload :: 148 Kbps was 5.5 Mbps at 5am this morning

also another test just done, So say on Speedtest.net is 13.3 Mbps !!!

Will your box work with 1.4 Mbps ? that is if you want to watch TV in the evenings and weekends

Edit: maybe you can watch what you want from say Australia Server ? I often do, just done again with Aus Download :: 2.7 Mbps

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The IPTV I purchased is hosted in Germany and it is wise to have 4 MBs down speed (from Germany) at all times.


pretyy difficult to maintian that on a single international connection on any isp in thailand sadly.

thats why torrents FTP etc are great, they utilize multiple connections until you have hit full bandwidth

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24 Mbit/s from Germany is one of those phoney numbers.

There is a much more realistic test from Germany in German language.


Its meant to test quality of ISPs within Germany, but you can fill in some arbitrary data about your location/zip code and use "other" ("andere") to fill in the nominal values for your connection.

Just did the test and get download=3,32 Mbit/s, upload=1,57 Mbit/s. Ping almost 400 ms.

Much closer to reality (from overall experience).

Nominal (max) values: down 20, up 2.

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ThaiExpatTV certainly used to have a German service and they are locally buffered. Worth dropping them a mail.

The UK version works very well even on 3G and crumby hotel connections.

For German language (30+ channels from Germany, Austria, Switzerand, plus BBC World and Al Jazeera) there is GlobalTV (www.globaltv.to) as I mentioned. Also streaming from Bangkok.

I am using it for more than a year now.

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