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Newbie to Aquponics 2

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hi all !!

so, i am gonna start this project of mine - well, by accident in fact.

how it happened. just moved into a landed house and we asked a contractor to do some reno to the house. but the thing is....

when material are being delivered, i was telling my friend and the contractor, the materials' are just too much .even for a normal layman,he can see without doing any measuring/calculation.

well,true enough.after almost all are about to complete i'm left with 2 mounds of sand and gravels !!! and they're not even 50% used up...even the bricks are plenty.

so,i looked around and decided to build a fresh water fish pond. - i have salt water aquarium before so i know some things about water pH, ammonia and nitrates and so on.so, i searched the net for a better filtration solution .

and i stumbled upon Aquaponics. and well, why not ? it's also a hobby and may be also for my retirement .if this can give me an income...

so, i searched the net and found Accent in BKK for supplies and also an plastioc drums ( an earlier thread )


1st question.

some site says - remove the solid fish waste , some says no need.... answers ?


i intend to use wood for some of the structures and at some places for esthetic purposes.

how should i treat the wood against termites - CHEMICALS are bad ,right ?

thks !!!!

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