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Budget For a 3 Day Siem Reap Trip.


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Hi all

In March this year, my wife (who is Thai) and I will be embarking on a 3 day/4 night trip to Siem Reap. Flights and hotel already paid for. I would like some sensible suggestions for how much spending money we will need for the usual eating, drinking, taxis, Angkor Wat tours etc. We will just be looking for a comfortable few days, nothing too excessive. I have no idea what the current cost of living is there at the moment, but I am guessing you will be looking at inflated tourist prices.

My understanding is that the US Dollar is the way to go. Is this correct? If so, then Dollars is what we will take, but I would like to take enough for the entire trip, and not have to change more currency whilst there.

I already know that I will require a Visa for Cambodia and that will cost $30 USD. I am 99% sure that my wife, who has a Thai passport will not need a visa.

Many thanks in advance.

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Decent guest houses can be had for $25-35 p/n. A decent GH can also help you to arrange a tuk-tuk that will take you around and wait for you, about $10 a day 2 or 3 years ago, maybe more now.

Angkor Wat entrance fees are $20/day but 3 day pass is $40. Food in Siem Reap ranges from inexpensive Thai (about double the Thai price for decent quality) to high price gourmet. Lots of noodle stalls. A food budget of $10/d each is reasonable.

Consider 2 days Angkor Wat and one day on a boat tour of the Tonle Sap and the floating villages.

Get a guide book in advance. The local guides are well meaning but their knowledge is shallow.

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$40 each for access to the temple complex. Then transport - tuk tuk is fine. For going to the main Angkor Wat complex and adjacent Angkor Thom no need to rent for the day, just get one there and one back. For going to temples further afield, e.g. Ta Prohm, Banteay Srei then for the day and rate will depend on exactly where you plan to go.

Food, depends on what you like to eat but in general not expensive. In particular you can get western cuisines of better quality and lower price than in Thailand (though still more expensive than local, Thai or Chinese food). You can certainly eat for as little as $5/day each but it would be a shame to do so as you would miss out on some really good food.

Don't miss the excellent and dirt cheap baguettes, available from street vendors.

I would say $200 - $250 for the two of you should cover it (given that hotel already paid for).

Thai nationals indeed do not need a visa for entries of less than 14 days. Ditto nationals of other ASEAN countries.

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Make sure your Dollars are pristine and avoid taking $100. Any notes that are marked, torn, old will be rejected - especially the higher value ones. Plenty of ATM's in Siem Reap.

As above, do your research and maybe start with Trip Adviser.

As you are flying in, consider an e-visa, a bit more costly but saves hassle on arrival and doesn't take up a page in your passport.


Think about whether you need a pool; if so look at City River hotel as a bench mark.

Angkor Wat $20 a day per person. Tuk-tuk $15. One day is enough for me but with 3 full days you could do two and maybe go further afield to Banteay Saray. Tonle Sap is a good idea but make sure you do it via Kompng Phluk - speak to the Two Dragons guesthouse, they were aranging trips.

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In case you need to buy USD for the trip:

In Cambodia smaller USD bills are valued like the 50 and 100 USD bills. So buy the smaller ones and save a bit.

Otherwise Thai Baht can be easily exchanged as well.

How resistant is your wife to heat and transpiration? This might become an issue. Better discuss it beforehand. Tons of wet towels might be a way forward. Some tourists rent a private aircon car with driver who provides also cold drinks, the towels etc. Costly but maybe worthwhile to avoid complaints.

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