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US NPR NEWS headline for Cambodian deforestation hero


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The photo and article are moving. It shows a young Cambodian woman who has just had her foot hacked open with a machete. She is one of many dirt-poor rural residents who are trying to slow the manic chopping down of forest trees in Cambodia. To me, she's as much of a hero as anyone else. As much as a badmitten star, a war hero, Nelson Mandella, M.L.King, Ghandi, or anyone you can name. She's right in the front trenches, putting her life on the line to try and save a bit of a forest. In both Cambodia and Thailand, dozens of people are killed, and hundreds are wounded every year, trying to protect natural environment. We rarely if ever hear about them in the straight news. SE Asian politicians don't give a hoot. They care more about their golf score than teenagers getting hacked to death in defense of mother nature. Full story at the URL below....


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