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I have been using PSE (PhotoShopElements) 4.0 for years now, (I am embarrassed to say how many), but I have been sufficiently pleased with it so have never bothered to upgrade.  I am becoming increasingly uneasy however that I am cruising on a dead-end path to technological obsolescence.  I am not too concerned with backups of the PSE database -- I have several.  What I am concerned about is having my thousands of photos being shackled to one software package design schema.  What if PSE crashes or has a bad day and scrambles all of its indexing and captions?   The organizational structure of the photos and their captions are essential.   But it seems that there is no way to back these up independent of the PSE design.   It seems that I am essentially locked-in to PhotoShop forever.  And that I am, like it or not, forced into upgrading my PSE before Adobe tells me that there no longer is an upgrade path.   Does everyone agree?

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Thank you for the feedback, Fractured,


Yeah, you are right, the upgrade is not that expensive.    Actually though, the problem has been simply the specter of having to add one more thing to my To-Do list.  "Priorities" you know.  But a factor when my old PSE 4 still meets my needs.  Although there is the possibility that I might like it even better and worth the trouble, yes ?  :shock1:


Re backing up PSE itself, I guess that I am already doing that -- I have four RHDs that I clone to sequentially.  


Maybe the real answer is that I am just too paranoid. 


Trying to squeeze another uncertainty out of this:  Suppose that Adobe might pull a Google and simply abandon PSE on short notice.  I suppose, after a few moments thought, that this is extremely unlikely, given the popularity of the product and its revenue stream...


So, bottom line, after all this circular reasoning, it appears that the practical answer to my original concern is simply to upgrade and then continue what I was already doing.   If anyone disagrees, or has additional comments, you are certainly welcome.






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I have been on Lightroom since it was first released and have more than 100,000 images catalogued. If Adobe ever pulls the plug, then I assume conversion tools to other packages will become available. Just use what works for you and don't worry about the future!

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Photoshop is Adobe's flagship product, preceded only by Illustrator. Lightroom is a bunch of Camera Raw, a bit of of Photoshop, and the added benefit of the cataloging. It is very doubtful these will ever go away. 

PSE seems to be an alternative for people who don't care for the "subscription" scheme, preferring to "own" their software. Its future could be a bit more in question.

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I am seeking advice on AAA batteries.

What - in the opinion of TVForum members - are my best options? Are lithium AAAs available?


Looked on Lazada but can't get away from the Thai.

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