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Would you go Stainless Steel for an outside kitchen ?


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Hi Gents,


I'm think of putting an outdoor kitchen in my Sala, it'll be pretty sheltered (the Sala is 6m x 8M) and has/will have Palms behind the kitchen side.

Couple of questions :


Should I go 304 or 316 Stainless, 

How much more expensive is a sheet of 304 vs 316.


Just FYI I live in Cherntalay Phuket about 5 miles to the sea....


Best Regards




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S/S 304 is standard grade for hotel and catering establishments in Thailand.  I have all S/S kitchen units in our kitchen to ensure hygiene and longevity.


If I was putting it in an external location then I would ensure that that door seals were adequate to ensure no ingress of moisture or insects.


They were all custom made by a specialist catering equipment manufacturer.


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I bought one of those cheap alloy (imitation ss ) sink units for our only outdoor kitchen at the time.

three and half years later its not got one sign of rust or deterioration on it. i used to give it a thorough toothbrush clean and polish every couple or three months.


The only time I encountered rust, was when i left a screw in the bowl.


In other words even the cheap ones are perfectly adequate.


There are alrenatives to stainless of course; GRP, Corian and good old concrete and connie and tiles will be my next outside kitchen plan.

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