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US Social Security Yearly Letter Inquiry

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If my memory is correct normally in March those receiving Social Security checks are sent a letter to check on their work, address, dependents and other items. If you do not mail this back in 30 days your benefits will be cut off. Have others received their yearly notification and inquiry letter ?

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They are mailed in June.

Got mine last year on the 4th of June and it was dated the 2nd which indicates they actually mail them in late May.

If they have not received it back in 60 days they send another one.

They don't cut the payments until February the following year if they don't get one from you.

Edit: Here is a blank one. SSA-7162 report.pdf

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 Many thanks for the updated information. I will put a note in my computer to expect in June. In Chiang Rai the postman stays drunk a lot and he may deliver the mail once per month. I pay all of my bills by bank transfer so the other mail is not important.

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I filed for SS when I still had a physical address in the US (which was also my mailing address). Since moving to Thailand, I updated my online SS account with the SS Administration, giving my commercial mail forwarder as my mailing address. Next to this was a box to check -- if this was also my physical address. I didn't check it. This was many months ago, and I have yet to get an inquiry as to my physical address (and doubt I will). So, if you didn't (or don't) apply thru Manila -- and can maintain a mailing address in the US -- unlikely you'll be bothered by these forms (which, due to the unwieldy mail system in some of the outlying Thai moo baans, could cause your SS check to be suspended -- as a couple of TV posters experienced).

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