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Hunt on for vet who squirrelled away the family fortune


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Hunt on for vet who squirrelled away the family fortune



Picture: Thai Rath


BANGKOK: -- Police are hunting for a vet who has disappeared after a safe in a gold shop was emptied.


Kanirat Satja, 54, was reported missing by his wife Rattiya, 58, last week but the next day it was discovered that 30 million baht in gold and currency was missing from the shop he was meant to be taking care of, reported Thai Rath.


A relative who had had a car accident put Kanirat in charge of the "Neramit" gold shop while he recovered.


But on April 9th it was discovered that the safe was empty. Missing was 30 baht weight of gold bars and jewelry and currency in dirhams, dollars, yen and baht. A gun was also taken.


The vet had been reported missing the day before.


CCTV footage shows him lugging heavy bags.


A warrant for theft and embezzlement has been issued.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-13
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6 hours ago, SOUTHERNSTAR said:

In Thailand your last statement is possible.

No worries,  they will issue a warrant for his arrest ...and in 5-10 years once he has spent it all, he will be arrested.




if all the scumbag criminals of the world flock to Thailand to hide out, where do the Thai criminals flee to? other than Singapore if your the son a a billionaire.

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Land of smiles and corruption No he went on holiday and as he could not trust the staff took rubbish gold with him to protect it from theft by the Patt lady boys he heard where on the way to nick it. As If My man enjoy Laos while it lasts, see you soon back here in the land of L>>Sca>>

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