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Pain in the Butt


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Had a pain in the right cheek of the butt for about three months.   Visit numerous doctors and been prescribed countless pills - all to no effect.   I have been told of a Thai man who is located near to Tony's Gym in Pattaya Tai.  Can anyone help me with an accurate location - always providing he is still there.    Have used Dr Park in the past but he wants to many follow ups.


Thank you

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21 minutes ago, joepattaya1961 said:

Just be careful. If I were you, I'd stick to the chiropractor Dr. Pack....follow up or no follow up. 


Good advise and/or a good orthopedist/spinal expert in BPH. Sciatic nerve pains can be severe and cause, often "age-based" joint & spinal problems are looked at first. Good luck and get well.   MS>

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Sciatca !!! You probaly also get the pain running down the leg !!


Worse pain I have ever had, normal paracetomol tablets dont help as its nerve pain.

Eventually it will get better just have to be patient.

I too tried Chiropratic, and had so much Massage everyday,didnt really help.


My Doctor put me on Lyrica Medication and it helped .

6 months later I have stopped the medication and only take it when there is pain.



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I would need more information to be able to comment:


- where exactly in the butt is the pain? (upper area/lower; iddle. near hip etc)


- does the pain radiate to your legs?


- any particular time or position where this happens?


I assume there is no skin lesion, boil etc prsent/

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Sounds like it might be piriformis syndrome, which can be helped with physio-therapy and a regime of stretching and strengthening exercises.  There are many YouTube videos that demonstrate appropriate exercises, but a few sessions with a physio-therapist first might be a good idea.  That's what I did to learn proper technique.



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