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Money withdrawal.

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Yeap, but it will depend on the branch.  Some will do it; some will not.  Lots of posts on ThaiVisa over the years documenting such.   I've been doing it for several years now....about once every month or two.


I do a counter withdrawal (a.k.a., cash advance) at a Krungsri branch, with both a US debit and credit card (both cards are no foreign transaction fee, no fee for credit card cash advance, credit card is prepaid to avoid any interest).   This Krungsri branch will accept debit or credit card...I've used both...sometimes both at the same time.  


But a Bangkok Bank branch I used up to about a year ago would not accept a debit card (they would just point you to their ATM), but they would accept a credit card.  


Once this Krungsri branch opened in a nearby mall which was more convenient for me than the Bangkok Bank branch in another nearby mall, I've only been using Krungsri branch for counter withdrawals.   Both of these branches are in western Bangkok.   Neither branch charged any fee for the counter withdrawal.   But you will see in some ThaiVisa posts where the posters said the branch they used charged them a fee for the counter withdrawal using their foreign card....pretty much like using the ATM.  


Summary: depends on the branch.


P.S.  Remember, your UK card-issuing bank may charge a foreign transaction fee....doesn't matter whether it's an ATM or counter withdrawal.   So, be aware of what fees your card-issuing bank may charge; don't blame any such fees on the Thai bank.


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