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Father shot dead as Pattaya "Wan Lai" celebration ends in tragedy


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Father shot dead as Pattaya "Wan Lai" celebration ends in tragedy



Picture: Thai Rath


PATTAYA: -- A man's children saw him shot in the back as a "Wan Lai" celebration in Pattaya ended in tragedy yesterday.


A large group of family friends and company employees were enjoying water splashing outside the Pattaya Yon shop on Sukhumvit Road heading towards Sattahip, reported Thai Rath.


Suddenly amid the revelry the participants heard the sound of breaking bottles. Five shots rang out and two men slumped to the ground.


Thanet Pinyakun, 35, was shot in the back and leg. The shot to the back came out the front at the chest area as his family looked on in horror. Attaphon Runreuang was hit in the foot.


Both men were rushed to hospital but Thanet was pronounced dead on arrival.


Witnessess said that there was no disagreement or trouble at the party that took place in a tent set up outside the shop for ten employees and forty other friends.


The police believe that a shooter used the confusion of the party to settle a score brought from elsewhere.


They are studying CCTV and re-interviewing witnesses to get a lead in the case.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-20
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2 hours ago, taichiplanet said:

gutless <deleted>! Bullets could've also hit other people.

I doubt thugs like this carry out a pre-driveby toolbox meeting to discuss avoiding collateral damage when cold-blooded murder is on their mind. Just savages that gained access to firearms. 

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