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Extension on non O based marriage and 90 day report


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Arrived EARLY at chaeng wattana and tried to get it all done asap. Here are data points, fyi.

Arrived in building 731 am. Saw a lot of people and a queue of ppl and place holders but could not find the end of the queue, so got coffee. 

At 745, found the queue end and got in line to wait. Doors opened 830 am. In that time the number of people doubled, by my estimation ... to total 130 ppl.

Got queue no L 30 for extension and sat with wifey. 

At 1035 am number called. The officer was best I ever saw. She had me processed in 4 min!

Then to get signature and must return May 18 to "hear  results".


At the same time, I got a queue no for 90 day report. Got the queue no at 915 am and got queue 196. At 11 am they are up to 168 at 90 day report. 


In conclusion, it pays to arrive early. But if you want to be in the first 10 people and out by 9 am, you need to be here very early - I estimate 7 am or so to sit outside the office. Arriving at about 830 am and doing what I did )visa extension ) it may / may not be possible to be out before the lunch break. 

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