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VISA 90 days

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Hello all,


Maybe someone could help out with this. We are from Malta (EU). Coming for 88 days to Thailand this summer. Have just been to the local Consul who issued an entry permit - he said that upon entry Immigration will decide how long to give me a VISA for. 


He said that normally they would give me 1 month, and then I would have to extend for the other 2 months BUT there may be ways to avoid having to do this.


He said I should directly ask for 3 months upon entry but could not be sure if they would require the standard procedure (1 month + 2 month extension) 


What are your experiences with this? Do you think I could immediately sort out a 90 day VISA as per my flight tickets?


Any links to info on this?



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Not sure what you have visa wise. Not sure what you mean by a entry permit since there is no such thing issued by a Thai embassy or consulate.

I suspect you mean a single entry tourist visa that allows a 60 day entry thatcan be extended for 30 days at an immigration office.

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