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Travel money

Stuart G

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I'm spending a month in Thailand.

Two weeks of which will be in a very quite town in the middle of Thailand.

So my question is roughly how much money will I need,for two weeks in Pattaya?

All my hotels are pre booked.

And taxi transfers from Bangkok.

Thanks in advance.

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As in all such "how much" threads there is a huge span possible.

It depends so much on your personal lifestyle, interests and so on.


Keeping away from the red light, bars, massages etc. you can well live on a 1000 Baht/day without suffering. That would incl. basic western food and moderate drinking, public transport.

More realistic (for me) is 2000 Baht/day.

If you refrain to Thai food, no alcohol you can lower cost significantly.


Now wait for the high rollers who tell you that less than 10000/day is unthinkable :biggrin:


Better say how much you expect/are willing to spend and get a description of what you can get for that.

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Just dont bring it as cash !!


Small amount of cash to tide you over until you get settled, then use ATM as and when you need. Never carry more than you are likely to need for that day.


Stay safe.




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