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Thai man's "nong sow" really is a big sow!


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Thai man's "nong sow" really is a big sow!



Picture: Sanook


BANGKOK: -- A Thai man who thought he was buying a miniature pig has had a rude awakening over the last eight months.


For his cute 3,000 baht purchase from a booth at Muang Thong Thani has proved to be anything but miniature, reported Sanook.


"Junior" is now huge and eating Pattadon Tae-sanuk, 25, out of house and home. His "nong sow" is now a really big sow - 100 kilos and getting bigger every day.


But not to worry - Pattadon loves the new member of the family and intends to keep her come what may.


Now Junior has become an internet sensation with 53,000 people sharing the funny story after Pattadon posted pictures on Facebook.


Pattadon, who runs a shop selling building materials in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi, said that he went to an electrical appliance show in Muang Thong but when he saw a booth selling miniature pigs he thought they were so cute.


So her bought one for 3,000 baht. But it soon became obvious that he had been conned - Junior was no miniature.


Now she eats as much as any other adult in the family and spends her time lounging about beside the shop. However, she is kind to everyone and never bites.


Someone offered to buy her from Pattadon but he was not having that - he intends to keep her and look after her as a member of the family.


Source: Sanook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-05-02
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