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Report ranking Thailand a dangerous country to visit is based on outdated information: Foreign Ministry

Jonathan Fairfield

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On 6/10/2017 at 3:58 PM, Jonathan Fairfield said:

questioned them about the method used to rank Thailand especially since many international organisations like Master Card, Expat Insider and US News & World Report, had ranked Thailand as one of the top tourist destinations.

It is "one of the top tourist destination", no one denise that BUT it can be VERY dangaures and with LOW reliability of police services...


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19 hours ago, silent said:

Funny I wouldn't be here if I didn't find it the opposite, safer and less stressful than being almost anywhere alone in Ontario trying to "pretend" like I'm minding my own business around locals with less of a clue than me.


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2 hours ago, pegman said:


One in particular that just moved from that area and had no sense of humour after accosting me over looking like a cop with nothing better to think about than what he and company were doing. Took a week for the morons to react.  

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On Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 10:48 AM, frank83628 said:

moan moan moan, but not leaving the place you slate so much!


the majority of tourist deaths involve alcohol, don't blame that... just the country.

the driving is bad for sure,   Thai and burmese etc have the excuse that driving tests are not compulsory but the farangs don't and i see it everyday from all nationalities.




Usual absurd response !

Just because I dont walk around wearing rose tinted glasses does not mean I should ignore the obvious problems facing Thailand currently. The most glaring being a concerted government effort to maintain an outdated system at any cost, truth and justice not required.

You talk of people voting with their feet but this has happened to an alarming degree with more enlightened western visitors, has it made Thailand a better place ?

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19 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:

As usual, deny deny deny. Does anyone expect them to look at what makes Thailand so dangerous and vow to remedy the situation. There's a greater chance that it will snow in Bangkok.

Oh ye of little faith - it will snow in hell before Bangkok! :cheesy:


I guess this means that civilization will not be marching forward anytime soon. After 600 years they still  cannot do what Singapore did in 50 years. Egypt had a military coup recently and within 12 months they held elections!


This 'mob' just find excuse after excuse NOT TO DO SO! Promises, promises and more promises. I think the Ostrich has its head stuck in the sand and thinks the world is listening to their promises and 'utterances'. :post-4641-1156693976:

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5 hours ago, Itay said:

...and with LOW reliability of police services...

I find them to be extremely reliable, though sometimes random.

The times they are asked to help - 100% refusal unless a 'fee' is involved... (3 personal experiences of this)


The times problems occur - 0% action taken beyond clicking on a computer in the station and saying 'leave it with us' before not taking any action...


The time I watched a police bike almost hit by a woman on a phone driving straight at him on the wrong side of the road... His response was to STARE at her and then continue riding...


No, I find the Thai police to be extremely reliable and I am confident that they have very little to do with the levels of danger in the country. You'll certainly never be involved in an accident with a 'fast response' unit. You might suffer from shock if you actually see one!

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It starts at Swampy airport and have a look at Pattaya. A total rip off and, in many cases, tourists are getting the very much shorter end of the stick. There is not a night without blood, fights and kniving there.
Tourists got beaten for not willing to pay totally inflated tuk tuk fares in Patong/Phuket and that is only what we hear without really listening. 

The writing is on the wall; tourism is a delicate trade and once you've overdone it there is no way back. 

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On 6/10/2017 at 4:08 PM, Father Fintan Stack said:

If it is not dangerous, why are they forcing everyone to get insurance then?

And why not... although I'd rather those who could afford self fund their medicals here in Thailand should have the choice.   But dig a bit deeper and see how many tourists who've never ridden a motor bike before, hire one and get cleaned up on these roads (which all of us long timers know have drivers who have not been taught to drive according to road rules - yes, there are road rules here, or if they have been 'taught' there was no oversight to ensure they had learnt from the course).  it is likely many hospitals here have long lists of injured tourists who leave without paying.

Get real guys... having lived and worked in the south of more than 30 years, I have yet to have heard of embassy officials visiting the area to determine the justification of their security advice. 

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After 20+ yrs of living here I'd have to say it CAN be dangerous....if you pay attention,stay calm and keep your head on straight it's no more dangerous than any developed country in the world.

So many people come to Thailand to cut loose and go wild...s*&t happens.

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