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Surgery for Sciatica


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Hi im thinking of coming to Thailand early next year to have surgery

For my Sciatica a discectomy. Have any of you had spinal Surgery here , could you give me a idea about costs and if you had a favorable outcome? Thanks

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Are you sure this is what you really need?  Many people with sciatica (like myself) have been helped with the wonderful attention of physical therapists and weight loss.  I live in Chiang Mai and the top hospitals here don't usually recommend surgery for the treatment of sciatica, but rather ask their patients to commit to getting themselves in shape.  If you improve your "core muscles" you'll find your pain is diminished.


Incidentally, an x-ray of my lower back looks very bad, a definite congenital curvature,.  But, if I keep my core muscles strong, I can keep the pain under control.

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Since he mentions disectomy i assume surgery has been recommended. But indeed, this needs to be assessed as conservative treatment will work in many cases. Surgery should be considered only if there is spinal cord impingement or if conservative treatment (physical therapy etc) has been tried for a reasonable period of time and failed.


Many TV members have had back surgery here. Dr. Wicharn and his colleagues at the BNH Hospital spine center is highly recommended. 


Costs will depend very much on type of procedure (minimally invasive/endoscopic will cost significantly more than conventional, but having easier recovery) and also on the hospital, with the least expensive option being a government hospital, but while substantially less expensive these are not user friendly for someone not resident in Thailand - you can't book things in advance, there are wait lists, you need a Thai speaker to help you navigate the system etc


At a rough guess I would say 300,000 - 400,000 baht at a private hospital.




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Here is something that might be worth trying?

I was chatting to someone a while ago, and they told me about a friend of theirs who reduced their sciatica dramatically by taking a glass of water with baking soda in it every day. 



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Sorry to see you go without a helpful answer,  try this  many more options  about 1 tenth to 1 20th the cost in India compared to Thailand    whatever you want ie 'Sciatica surgery India' just include India  in quote
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