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Looking for House to Rent - Buriram

Hank Gunn

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Long time lurker, first time poster. (Mods, feel free to move this to the Real Estate forum. I'm posting in the Isaan forum in hopes of targeting local knowledge.)

I'm relocating to Buriram with my Thai wife and we're looking for a house to rent in or near Buriram town (Meuang Buriram?). We're hoping for a longer-term, rent situation before doing any building of our own. We've got a couple of palettes of our "stuff" (clothes, dishes, cookware, basic tools, a bicycle, etc.) arriving from the US soon and need a temporary, long term living situation where we can get set up and store our belongings. Although we're at least a year away from building our own place, I don't know if I necessarily want to lock into a full-year lease though. 

Here's a description of what I'd really like (knowing I may have to compromise on some of these):

  • House with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths (we'd settle for a 2 bed 1 bath if it's spacious enough)
  • Decent security (i.e. a moo baan with security guard, good locks/security, or a sort of "middle-class" neighborhood)
  • Kitchen with refrigerator
  • Parking for my new truck (preferably covered for when we unload groceries) :smile:
  • Aircon
  • Approx. 10-15 Km from downtown Buriram.
  • Internet access. (I've got AIS phone with unlimited data and get great reception at the MIL's house out in a village near Krasang, so I could fall back on that if need be.)
  • Does not need to be furnished and would almost prefer non-furnished as that would allow us to get our own stuff like bed/mattress.

Basically I'd like a place where we can safely store our belongings (no gold or anything but I have a small computer with an expensive ($1,000 US) display/monitor and a laptop).

We've made some contact with a couple of local western/Thai couples that are helping but any and all referrals are welcome.


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5 hours ago, DILLIGAD said:

Google 'Buriram expats' and that might give a few suggestions to help you contact locals?

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Thanks DILLIGAD, I'm actually renting a vehicle from them and asked the proprietor(ess) who suggested a couple of moo bans to cruise around to.

The problem I'm finding is that the only real marketing/advertising (i.e. online and on large billboards) is for new developments/moo bans with units for sale. There seems very little in the way of online advertising for rental units. You pretty much have to drive around various developments (if you can find them) and then look for "For Rent" signs hanging on gates. My wife and I have been doing this and luckily she can read the Thai script, otherwise I'd be out of luck. I have met a couple of local farangs and have a potential lead or two, so I'll just keep on plugging. (Maybe I'll try the Thai Craigslist for the heck of it.)

Thanks again for the suggestion. I should probably sign up to that forum and ask them directly (probably what you've suggested).

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What your doing is actually what most do to find a rental place. Generally there are no 'networks' of real estate companies, just individual regionally based firms. Other than what your already doing, I'd suggest asking in the local 'mom n pop' shop nearest to an estate/area that you like. They usually know who is renting out whatever.

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Thanks for the post. You've at least confirmed that I'm following proper protocol as well as my observations here on the ground.


Puchooay, thanks for the heads up on Ban Tararom. Buriram Expats pointed us there yesterday and we found two places. One was a little "rough" in that it didn't have a water tank with pump, precluding the use of a water heater. The other place looked nice from outside but 3 beds upstairs and 2 down it seemed a little too big for us. I think however we might go back for a tour, just to check it out.

My problem is I like the quality of the newer builds but they're all for sale and not rent. Guess I'm going to have to compromise a bit more. Oh well, que se ra, se ra.

I did find a not too bad place today near iMobile stadium and the owner is willing to put a water heater in, so that's a possibility.


Thanks again for all the inputs and suggestions.

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