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VPN required that isnt blocked by ITV Hub....


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Guys any suggestions please for access within Thailand. Zenmate and Hola have obviously been twigged by ITV over the last year as neither now work. If anyone has access via a VPN would be grateful if you could mention it here......otherwise I could end up paying subscriptions for something that wont work anyway (I acknowledge they could be subsequently blocked )


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Another alternative is to create your own VPN service in England.


  • Put some easy to configure VPN software (like SoftEther) on a friend's computer that's normally on 24/7.
  • Buy a cheap PC, Mini PC, or Raspberry Pi -style device with VPN Server installed


Bonus is that it's unlikely any ISP or Media Service Provider will ever block it as the hosting IP won't belong to a VPN Service Provider.

Downside will be the slow throughput speeds as consumer Internet connection have limited upload speeds and poor peering routing -- but you might get lucky. 

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''My Expat TV''. I've using them for 8 years or more now both here and in Egypt.


 They are totally reliable and very agile when the TV channels start chasing them. I've never lost connection for more than an hour or two, during all of those years. Find them at:



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