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Suspicious bag found at the side of main Sukhumvit Road


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Suspicious bag found at the side of main Sukhumvit Road

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Suspicious bag found at the side of main Sukhumvit Road


PATTAYA: -- At around 3:30pm on June 21st, Police and a bomb disposal team were called to investigate a suspicious bag that had been found on Sukhumvit road.


The bag had been dumped right next to a bus stop on the busy main road.


Arriving at the scene, police were understandably cautious in there approach, as no one had any idea what was in the bag.


Before approaching the bag, an eye witness came forward to inform police about what he saw.


He told police that he was walking in the area when two youth’s, 1 male and 1 female, pulled up on a motorbike outside the bus stop. One of them got off, dumped a bag before running back to the motorbike and fleeing the scene.


There was a small group of people waiting at the bus stop who saw what happened and they immediately ran from the scene, suspecting it may have been a bomb.


Police eventually made it to the package only to find that it was full of clothes and food and that there was no danger after all.


The bad had a tour guides sticker on, which led police to two possible conclusions. Either the bag had been stolen, hoping for something of valuable inside, or the two youth’s we playing a prank on the pedestrians waiting for their bus.


The bad was returned to the tour company and police are hoping the rightful owner comes forward to collect it and shed some light onto the investigation at the same time.

-- © Copyright Pattaya One 2017-06-22
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