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Compact camera with the best IQ


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I'm looking to buy a new compact camera soon. Something small enough to carry around all day but with outstanding IQ, so I want a large sensor and excellent lens quality. I'm not fussy about a EVF but an articulating screen would be very useful to me. I'm considering Fuji X70 but not sure about being stuck with just one focal length. Also considering the Pana LX 10, but I'm not sure just how good the IQ is with that model. The Canon G7X 2 interested me but way too many complaints about dust and fluff getting under the lens and on the sensor has scared me off, likewise the Ricoh GR 2, which gets similar complaints. So I'm still looking. So far the Fuji X70 is top of my list, it ticks most, but not all, of the boxes for me. (I was waiting for the release of the Fuji X80, but that's now postponed until 2018 and may not even appear ever,)


Any suggestions/comments are most welcome.


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The Fuji XA is a great camera at a good price, add the inexpensive 27mm pancake lens to make a quality compact, and you also have the option of adding the kit zoom lens for added versatility.  No viewfinder, but less cost than the X100 series and the flip out screen is very handy.


I picked up the Fuji XM1 at a great price when the model was being discontinued (11,000 THB with two zoom lenses).  It's almost the same as the XA series, and I use it as a high quality general/everyday camera.  There's discounts on the earlier model XA series now (around 16,000 THB), some with the dual XC zoom lenses - which are light and decent quality.  Just need to add the 6000 THB 27 mm prime lens and a half case to get the quality compact set-up, and you're done.

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Be carefull with Fuji cameras; they are very good but also very fragile ;

difficult to find parts for a 2 y old camera;

Two years is not much !!


Why not the Ricoh GR ? It's an APS-C





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FUJI's are not more fragile than other brands, nonsense post.
I bought a used XPro1 2 years ago and it still works perfectly.
The New Xe3 is very nice and I am getting one soon with the xf35 f1.4. Keeping the XP1 off course.
Sony rx100 series are very good too, I got a mk3 and been very happy with it.
Fuji X100f or T are very very nice cameras and I haven't quite made up my mind if I am getting the the Xe3 or 100f.
The X100 series are cult camaras and many pros use them as their private camera when couldn't be bothered changing lenses and drag them around but obviously give you some limitations.

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