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Shut down! Monk with the hammer and clinic staff talking to police


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Shut down! Monk with the hammer and clinic staff talking to police



Picture: TNews


The clinic in Nonthaburi where a monk with a hammer was treating Thais and foreigners has been raided and ordered shut immediately.


Five people were taken to Pak Kret police station after it was found that the "Avatar Clinic" in Soi Sukhaprachasan 48, Nonthaburi, had no license.


The raid was joined by public health officials and the local district chief.


Monk Phra Maha Siphrai Apatro was not there when the raiding party arrived.


Tnews reported he was on his way to the station to be questioned about his role.


Earlier in the week he was pictured with a hammer treating people with back and neck ailments.


Many said that the place was engaged in quackery though the staff claimed that patients liked the treatment and came back for more.


Source: TNews

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-11-23



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Everytime the poor get some cheap medical treatment that works the government has to take it away. Like in US the marijuana (black stuff)medicine used for cancer are not permitted by the government.

There is this guy in Malaysia who cure rhuematoid arthritis using a bamboo stick to whack the patient .

Some of his patients flew in from USA for treatment. You could watch youtube showing him instantly cure his patient with those whacking. A guy came in with a walking stick and after whacking he was dancing around.

Painkillers will destroy your kidney. Don't take it.

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