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Phnom Penh Post future in doubt


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The future of the Phnom Penh Post doesn't look good.

"Failing a massive cash injection in the next 60 days the future of Cambodia’s oldest English-language daily newspaper, The Phnom Penh Post, appears grim, with the 26-year-old tabloid set to become the latest victim of Cambodia’s rush to compliance and ramped up enforcement.


According to a person claiming to represent a group of self-proclaimed computer ‘hackers’ and ‘truth in media’ evangelists, Post Media Co., Ltd., has been slapped with a $3.9 million tax penalty over its failure to enter a US$2.5 million money transfer from Australia last year into its accounts.


Additionally, the group claims that Post Media, publisher of the English and Khmer language editions of the The Phnom Penh Post, is scheduled to soon pay a more than $200,000 bank loan, adding that a Phnom Penh court last week ordered the company to immediately pay a former CEO a six figure settlement.


When contacted via LinkedIn Mr Holmes failed to reply to several invitations to deny the accusations, after claiming in his initial response “there’s about 485734957395 different rumours going around about this at the moment. I’d like to see if any of them have any actual evidence ;)”.

Mr Holmes stopped responding when shown the information alleged by the self-described ‘hacker’.


When asked about this, along with unconfirmed reports fuelled by comments from staff since the beginning of the year that the The Phnom Penh Post had received a $2 million tax penalty in 2016 for allegedly not paying income tax on staff salaries, the same staffer brushed aside the question and refused to discuss it further.

If true, it would be a serious omission of a significant fact in The Phnom Penh Post's reporting at the time.


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