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What to eat - I am getting old?


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In my home country somewhere back to Scandinavia and Lapland I used to pick up berries: blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, lingon etc, etc. Also I hunt a bit: moose, some birds. Fishing was my dearest hobby, I had my fridge always "full" of trouts, greylings and many other species. Also every autumn mushrooms were my enthusiasm. Near arctic circle it wasn't that easy to grow vegetables but some I did manage to grow...


So all in all, food was non-poisoned. Now in Thailand I have started to think what I eat, mainly food with full of chemicals and antibiotics. I don't want to eat that kind of food. I don't see any other option than moving back to my home country where food is clean and there you know what you eat!


Do you have similar thoughts? I am getting old and still want to keep my health!

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On 8/26/2018 at 1:20 PM, Joe Mcseismic said:

Eat healthily, exercise regularly, live clean............die anyway.

My mother was vegetarian and bought organic produce and did organic gardening. She didnt smoke and drank little. Was healthy all her life and died of cancer at 66.


My father eat "normal" food and did not drink or smoke.

Was healthy all his life and died of cancer at 72.


I expect that I wont outlive my father, so I'll be eating what I like (in moderation) until then. I do try to lose weight though.


As for organic and healthy food, surely Thailand is one of the last places on earth to expect to get that? And much produce here is imported from China anyway, which is probably even less likely to be healthy than the stuff produced here.


For a healthy lifestyle I would move to Switzerland. Muesli and yodelling: that's the ticket.

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My mother is 87, my grandmother lived 99 years old and her mother lived 104 years old in the region where I'm from. They eat and ate basically the same what I had in my home country. They didn't smoke neither do I.


I basically can't enjoy the food in Thailand knowing what it is...


I'm constantly thinking moving out and most likely will in the near future!

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