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Entering with Visa Exempt after previous warning at immigration - Possible?

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Hi all, last time I entered in Don Meung (SETV) I was pulled aside and received warning from immigration saying that I have stayed in Thailand for too long (they allowed me to enter after 30min of talking to and showing proof of onward ticket). My SETV (including 30 day extension) expires soon but I just need an additional 15-20 days to finalize all of my stuff and leave the country for good. If I do a border run by land crossing into Laos (Chiang Kong/Huay Xai) will the land border immigration allow me to enter Thailand again on a Visa Exempt or will they deny me entry seeing that I received a warning previously at immigration? 



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As long as you haven’t already made two visa exempt entries by land this year you should be able to use visa exemption at that border. 


Unfortunately no one can give you a definitive answer as it will be down to the individual IO on the day. Usually they won’t let you leave if they aren’t going to let you back in. It would be best to make the border run a few days before your current stay expires in case you need a plan b.

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