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Train to BKK times? And purchase online? Agent?


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I'm looking online at train timetables to BKK... Some sites I see up to 18:00, and some up to 21:00 😕


Does anyone know a reliable source to find train timetables?


Is it possible to purchase online? (I'm guessing no)


Is it possible to purchase at a travel agent, Nimmen area? Maya? Or somewhere close by.... or can they only be purchased at the station?


Shows trains leaving up to 21:50



Shows trains leaving up to 18:00




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OP, This has all the information you might want and more. It is my first stop when I need train information: Seat61.com


And yes, you can purchase tickets online from the link in CNXBKKMAN's post. Have done it often.



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You might wish to book based on the type of train being used. The earlier train I used was one of the new made in China trains and though it had hard seats, was OK. The late train I went on was one of the old trains. Both were second class sleepers. It hadn't been maintained ( probably as being phased out ) and the AC caught fire at 9pm. Everyone in my carriage had to either complete the journey in 3rd class, or wait 2 days till seats were available on another train.

Not my most enjoyable train trip in LOS. 

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