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Thailand faces a decline in British tourists and expats: Causes and Consequences


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22 minutes ago, Ben Zioner said:

The devastating effect of Thai street food. 




I agree.

It seems to me that this photo keeps morphing.

A few minutes ago, I thought that it was an image of several people sitting in chairs, on a beach, looking out to sea.

Now, the image has morphed into this.


Maybe this surreal look is due to the effects of Thai street food, as you say.


Anyway, someone has achieved a very interesting effect in this photo.

Quite dream-like, as if halfway between reality and some other zone.


During the Hot Season, I eat street food, but only very close to the university.

So far, very few issues have I experienced.



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1 hour ago, webfact said:

Whether this decline represents a temporary dip or a long-term change in British travel preferences remains to be seen.


So where are British going instead?

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