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Padang Beasar Immigration - busiest time?

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What times and days of week are quietest entering Padang Beasar thai-side immigration from malaysia? Is there a rush hour? 


Also when does the malaysian xmas holiday start, I was caught there on near xmas last year and it was not a pretty sight even if did eventually fast track to non-malay falangs, some of the malays looked like they had a several hour queue ahead of them judging by the pace it was clearing. 

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Friday’s are the busiest days if you are entering Thailand from Malaysia. The whole complex has been rebuilt and as you say sometimes had a queue for non-Thai / Malay but there is now a single arrivals desk in a building rather than the Little booths. 


I stopped using PB after many years, the last visit I was sent to a side office, without checking my passport or visa status, where I waited for the shift supervisor who then grilled me on my purpose in the country, and asked why I had a ME visa. I’m not sure if this is still procedure, this was about 18 months ago.

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