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TM30 Jomtien Immigration

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I have just returned from Jomtien Immigration to file my TM30, as I have been doing when I return to Thailand from a trip overseas.

I own my own condo and was instructed about a year ago that I must file the TM30 even though I am on a Non 'O' retirement visa.

So I have been doing this to avoid any fines. (I was fined a year ago 1,600 Baht for not filing it and was given the form shown below)


However today the girl at immigration told me I no longer need to file the TM30 as I am on a one year visa, I would only need to file one if I change my address. Which seems a complete reversal of what I was told last year.

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What they are saying is what many other offices state.

It is a matter of the interpretation of section 38 where it says from time of arrival. IMO it means the first time a person arrives at the residence not arriving after you have left the country.

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