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Private Medical Insurance

Racha Bates

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Hi guys,


Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding taking out private medical insurance in Thailand? If it makes a difference, which I doubt, I'll be living in Muang Surin (Surin Province), and it will be for 2 adults and 2 kids.


Thanks in advance



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I´m 58 years old and I pay about 60.000 THB a year for mine. Covers in-patient treatment. Including familiy is about the same for each. Luma Health Care. They paid when I had a surgery last year. That´s what I can say

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This topic has been done to death, very extensively, in this forum and also in the insurance forum. I suggest you do a search.


I would say about half of all TV members have private health insurance.


Lots and lots of problems arise among those who do not -- Referring to expats only. Are any of the 2 adults and 2 kids you refer to Thai? Because if so it is not necessary, Thailand has universal access to free health care. And it would be very, very expensive to insure that many people.


Rates vary greatly by age and there are a number of important considerations to weigh, all of which has been discussed repeatedly in past threads.

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