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Soi 13/1, Soi 13/2 ?


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Gentlemen. Reluctantly, but by Doctors orders, I am obliged to visit Pattaya in 3 to 6 months intervals. To me, it's always an ordeal, but I don't dare to go against Doctors orders.  
My "home away from home" has been Soi Post-Office (and surrounding aerea) for years.
My next visit is now due (by Doctors orders, well understood).

- Wanting to ask some residents of the Soi Post Office aerea as to what changes have occurred in the last three months. (If at all).

Much to my regret, during my last 2 visits I have noticed that "frolicking around" with the Hostesses in said aerea is 50% less pleasurable and 100% more expensive than before.

Clearly, if the same Price/Reward Ratio would apply to "SomTam", Thailand would find itself in a state of violent revolution with blood in the streets.

As much as I like Soi Post Office, to increase the Price/Reward Ratio in my favour, would it be recommendable to settle near Walking Street or Soi 6? Or Buddha Mountain?
At the end of the day, it's not about price or location. It's about Price/Reward only.
TVF posters, having found favorable Price/Reward situations, are welcome to PM me. In return, I will freely disclose Somtam Stalls that have only raised their price by 50% over the last 10 years.

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Everything has increased in price, all over Thailand! That's life!


And unfortunately you are getting older!


Also Somtam was much much lower 10 years ago and in general was limited in price to what Thais can afford!




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