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Gov’t to launch TV show against fake news


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The Ministry of Information is set to launch a live programme on the National Television of Kampuchea (TVK) channel in a bid to counter fake news.


In a meeting at the ministry on Monday, its minister, Khieu Kanharith, said fake news could “pollute the social atmosphere” and consequently lead to social chaos.


He ordered TVK to arrange a weekly programme to be broadcast live between one or two hours, during which guest speakers and officials from relevant institutions could verify facts to dispel fake news.


read more https://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/govt-launch-tv-show-against-fake-news


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In this day and age of disinformation, deflection, distortion, and deliberate misleading of the voters, and the populace, it is more important than ever to be able to distinguish between weak, feckless, ill conceived, misguided, ruthless criticism of the media, and truth. Truth is truth, even though very weak, and unhinged men like Rudy will attempt to tell you otherwise, in an effort to protect their masters. Same goes here. It is something the public needs to be vigilant about. The media is NOT the enemy. The distortionists, and liars are. 

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8 hours ago, Odysseus123 said:

My goodness!

That should be fun.

I guess that they are going to ban the Prime Minister...


Social chaos in Thailand-hard to believe,really.

Er.............it's Cambodia.

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