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Good news for cigarette smokers - less so for those who roll their own


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11 hours ago, webfact said:

Thaivisa notes that in this regard the government seems to have put the demands of the industry over their stated aim to bring down the number of smokers and improve the Thais' health as a result. 

The government only cares about revenue.  I strongly suspect that the last tax increase reduced the revenue collected by the government on cigarette sales.  

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12 hours ago, ezzra said:

Try to buy a packet of ciggies in Oz and see how much it will cost ya, equivalent of 700+ baht here, i love smoking, i have smoked for 50 years, cigarettes, cigars and pipe, alas,  a pleasure i can't afford to continue, too risky...


When I saw this claim about the price of ciggies in Oz, I had to check online for the answer to: What is the most expensive country to buy cigarettes? 


And this was returned: Australia now has the highest prices in the world for cigarettes. A pack of 20 Marlboro cigarettes cost around US$19.82 in Australia, with New Zealand a close second at $17.54. That's over $6.69 more expensive than in the UK and close to $13.39 more than in the US.Jul 25, 2018


That's unbelievable!!  When I first moved to Thailand in 2000, I believe a pack of Marlboro cost around 25 baht. I remember one of my colleagues hitting the roof when there was a big price increase, sending the price up to around 35 a pack. By the time I quit smoking, I guess I was paying somewhere between 60-75, depending on the brand, but I can't be sure. 

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