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Pattaya: It's official - Pattaya tourism down the pan, Chinese off to Vietnam and Indians the last hope


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9 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Never thought I'd say this, but I hope Pattaya goes broke. It used to be cheap and cheerful, but became expensive and unhappy. Plus, they devoted themselves to the Russians and then the Chinese to the exclusion of farangs.

Pattaya, IMO, needs to be destroyed to be able to be rebuilt better. Sadly, I doubt the opportunity will be seized. More likely they will do the same as Patong and Phi Phi that rebuilt the same <deleted><deleted> after the tsunami as before it was washed away.

The Thai greed juggernaut will continue to roll on, and roll over, anything, and everything, in it's way.  Think Costa del Sol.  


I remember when Phuket got smashed by the tsunami.  They begged tourists to come back, and tourists came back and were happy to support the locals.  What did the locals do, ramp up the scams and rip offs and tuktuk beatings. 


It's not only Pattaya slowly going broke, it's all of Thailand.  Of course, it's the virus to blame.  🙂

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