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Udon: It's raining gold and money! Lottery millionairess scatters wealth from the heavens!


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Udon: It's raining gold and money! Lottery millionairess scatters wealth from the heavens!



Picture: Sanook


An Udon woman who won 90 million baht in the lottery a couple of years ago celebrated her 48th birthday with a distribution of 300,000  baht in gold and twenty baht notes. 


After a religious ceremony, birthday party and slap up feast for 200 guests, Wanlee Panyaso in Kumphawadee district of Udon Thani in Thailand's north east sent up ten paramotors into the sky. 


They distributed bundles of 20 baht notes and pieces of paper containing her name that could be exchanged for one quarter baht weight of gold (worth about 6,800 baht). 


The paramotors came from a club and flew over the village of Ban Nong Hia where 3,000 people gathered expectantly. 



Picture: Sanook


Many children had a great time and were among those who got their hands on the handouts. 


Wanlee wanted to give back to her community to mark her 48th birthday. 



Picture: Sanook


She won 90 million baht on  number 149840 in the November 1st 2018 draw. She had 15 winning tickets at 6 million baht each. 


Thirty police and local officials kept order and Covid-19 regulations were followed at the party, reported Sanook. 


Source: Sanook



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She won 1,5 year ago and she still has any money left? She can't be Thai!!!


Oh wait. She is renting paramotors and dropping money from the sky...... .


90M will probably take more than one family trip to the shopping mall to eat sea food or buying 4x4 Hilux/Fortuner for papa.

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

3,000 people gathered expectantly. 

more  like sad individuals,  still not as  sad as the winner  though who could  have donated it to a childrens  charity or  hospital.

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1 hour ago, Artben said:

A lot of Thai Visa readers seem to forget the Golden Rule.  Her gold, her rules.  Not what I would do but then it's not my decision.

And a lot  seem to forget its a place to voice an opinion

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