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My friends and i have an idea - to get into thailand from the sea, this way we can skip the restrictions on

air travel.

We plan to hire a yacht to take us to the ANDAMAN sea, than to continue to shore in commando boats.

in night there are not much guards and they are not so alert these days.

but we are not sure where we can land, that will be close enough to touristic areas

yet not so exposed so we can sneak under cover of the night.

any suggestions for good spots to land?

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Great idea, with all the ex SAS and US navy Seals around it must be easy to find a group that will qualify. Maybe do some life fire drills before and make sure your all armed to the teeth. The Americans in your group can take care of that. The Brits can do the planning. 


Then all you need to do is contact you to go forger for new visa's and get some burner phones so you can stay in contact. But only switch them on at certain times otherwise you get tracked. 


Now if your friends include AOP's that are not that great at walking make sure that their wheel chairs have tracks, maybe mount an m-60 on them for good measure.


Good luck in your en-devour maybe it go better then Omaha beach. 

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