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Second Home in Thailand: Phuket fundamentals are strong and can take advantage of Malaysia uncertainty


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If you want to retire and live here, in spite of all the hurdles the government sets, fine, but, never "buy" thinking it's a good investment.  You can't really own anything in Phuket and land values will be depressed for many years.

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Maybe we Thaivisa posters should reward a "Thai Joke of the Day", every day, for the most ridiculous article or official announcement. I know, some days this might be a tough competition between all these daily ridiculousnesses in this strange country. But my todays choice is this article of Thai PBS.


A country where foreigners are treated like sh!t, scammed and have zero rights, promotes its real estate market in the hope that exactly these foreigners buy condos, while the country stays isolated and blocked for entry for an unforeseeable time, with visa rules even more unforeseeable and xenophobic when ever they will open the borders again. 


How stupid to they think we are?


Only in Thailand, only in Thailand! Sigh!


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