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Tape for car exterior


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I’ve got to go to farangland for 2 years and will store my Thai car during that time. 

There’s lots of things I need to do for long-term storage. One of them is to stop insects from building nests in the gaps around the doors. 

I’m thinking of applying a tape. (Have attached a sketch to clarify where I’m talking about). 

Just wondering if there’s any paint ‘n panel experts on here who can advise what tape I should use that won’t rip off the paint work when removing it in 2 years time?


Or maybe forget the tape plan and use some sort of foam filler that will easily pull out after returning. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance. 


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Two Yeats is a long time to store a car, 

We are stuck in the US with a pandemic, it's been a year now, but we have my brother in law go to the house, start and move the car every once in a while. 

IMO putting tape on the seal would be much worse than having insects making nests.

Did you vere try to remove tape that has been on for two years?

the doors should be shielded anyway. Why would insects want to make nests in the door crack when they have the whole undercarriage? Perhaps mothballs will keep critters away. (not sure)

Perhaps you can put some sort of cloth around the door , like strips of towel  and then close the door , the cloth filling the gap. 

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Do not wrap the truck in any type of waterproof material

Condensation will form inside, and you will need to strip and wash the interior to remove it

I kept my HD in a steel shipping container for almost 7 years. With the proper ventilation mold and mildew was not an issue.

Screen any openings to prevent mice from entering, mothballs under the hood and under the car, changed frequently, will help repel them.

Fill fuel tank, adding some stabilizer, have fresh oil in the engine.

Remove the battery - will need a new one most likely anyway.



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I would not tape the doors.

I would unhook the battery.(might be good when you get back) 

I would top-off the fuel (keeps the condensation out)

I would make sure the cover fit perfect and was TIGHT. If the cover is not tight when the wind blows where it flaps it will rub and can damage the paint.

If I had time I would consider having canvas lace-up side-walls made for the car port to keep the wind and rain out. 

Put a piece of undershirt around the end exhaust-pipe with a rubber band

Do not set the brake, chock the wheels if you have to

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Sorry I can’t offer any help. 


Why not sell the car? two years is a long time for something to be sitting there. Wrapping it or storing it could leave you with quite a headache when you return.

You will also lose two years of depreciation.


Would selling it and then purchasing another when you return in 2 years not make more sense ?


Unless of course this is a classic or a very special model etc.

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If the OP's truck is going to be parked up for two years in a location where he needs to "stop insects from building nests in the gaps around the doors", regardless of door sealing and covers, the rats will have several litters in the air conditioning duct work.

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Be advised, that starting a stored car intermittently is NOT a good idea unless you drive the vehicle for at least 20 minutes. Starting it ad letting it idle for a few minutes will do more harm than good.


Also, be sure to wash and wax the car before you put the cover on.

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if your worry is more for the rubber seals...

try get some AT-205  (best rubber restorer) 

Atp At-205 Re-seal Stops Leaks 8 Ounce Bottle 

this stuff is magic.

and has more uses than just in the engine&trannie 


even YouTubes Scotty Kilmer swears by it!! 



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14 hours ago, Surelynot said:

Can I ask where is the storage, is it under cover and how much?


Have access to a covered carport at an apartment complex for no cost. 


Thanks for the suggestions. Been some good ones 🙂 

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Give the keys to your Thai girlfriend.  She'll take care of it for you.  Leave her a credit card in case she needs to top up the tank to prevent condensation.

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