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Nikon repair Bangkok


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Can anyone recommend a small shop that does Nikon repair in central Bangkok.


I need my Nikon sb600 flash repaired. I don't want to replace with new one as this one has sentimental value to me.

I don't want to use Nikon (official) as I have had bad experience with them. I used Vimon on pattanakarn before, he has repaired before but take months literally.


Anyone recommend any small independents?



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I tried many places in Bangkok to have a Nikon D5100 shutter repair (B6000 estimate from Nikon Service, more than it's worth) and had no luck, most camera shops including Foto File & AV Camera referred me to Nikon Service.   I tried Mega Plaza in Chinatown which has many photo shops and several camera repair people on the 4th floor but the repair guys seem only interested in mechanical and pro-line gear.


It looks like independent camera repair shops are going extinct.  Most modern cameras require expensive or proprietary testing gear and have modular construction....replacing one part requires an expensive module. 


If you are at all handy, there were several YouTube videos showing repair of SB-600, for instance this one:


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