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New Business Registration Tops Highest since January 2019

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New Business Registration Tops Highest since January 2019

Subhabhong Rarueysong




BANGKOK (NNT) - New business registration topped 7,283 in January, the highest since January 2019, driven by the promise of Covid-19 inoculations and upbeat sentiment on the country’s economic outlook.


Business Development Department Director-General Thosapone Dansuputra said the new business registration trend in 2021 is expected to come in line with the country’s GDP outlook which is expected to recover due to the mass distribution of vaccines against Covid-19. The government’s policy to gradually ease its strict lockdown measures also helped to increase economic activities and stimulate travel.


According to Mr Thosapone, the amount of registered capital of new businesses in January also rose by 90.3% year-on-year to 30.9 billion baht and up 12.1% month-on-month from 27.6 billion baht in December.


The top three sectors for new business registrations in January were building and construction (634), real estate (299) and transport and logistics (192).



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I was reminded this morning of a famous business case study where a company defied the market and went dead set against it. Our town is literally filled up with older shop houses being done up beautifully and reopened as different, up market businesses. I have to admit that I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit amongst our Thai hosts. If they succeed (and I wish them well) it will be an economic miracles given all the doom porn that appears in the financial press.

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3 hours ago, timendres said:

Curious how many of these new registrations are the return of businesses / business owners crushed in 2020. Still, it is good to see some life returning.


Was thinking the same.  


Set up another business, strip the assets / cash out of the business that is debt laden, send it broke, default on the debt, continue operations next week, under a different business name.  

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