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PS4 and PS5 impossible to find? (at suggested prices)

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Taking a quick look around to buy a PS5 or PS4 Pro, I immediately gave up on the PS5 because it's absolutely impossible to find one at the suggested prices (13990/16990) and the few shops that have it sell for at least twice that price.

Then I thought it would be ok to settle for a PS4 Pro for now, but also any interesting versions (not severely overpriced) are out of stock everywhere! Nadz, Powerbuy, BananaIT, Lazada...they're all out of stock (some won't be obvious until you actually try to buy).

What's up with the shortage? I haven't bought a new console in over 10 years but back in the day the stores actually had them. 

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I have been looking too. There is a bit of a global shortage on PS5s and scalpers have been adding to the problem everywhere. I'm limping on with a 7 year old PS4 I bought in the UK. It will just be a case of waiting, I guess.

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i bought my PS5 and XBOX series X in Fortune town. 30k each though.

Right now its a pretty odd moment because they have stopped PS4 Pro production, so they are hard to find, and at the same time everyone wants to buy a PS5, so they are still very hard to find at retail price.

For people who are very price-sensitive, I think the best thing to do is to buy a Nintendo Switch right now, which is like half the price, and enjoy its amazing library (Breath of the Wild is in my opinion the best game ever), until the day comes when you can walk into a store and buy a PS5 without the markup. Also by then, there will be a lot more games for it.

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8 hours ago, Carlosm said:

Yes, huge markup.


4 hours ago, tweedledee2 said:

Power Buy online, currently shows a PS4 Pro bundle with 2 games and 2 controllers for 11,490 baht.

Doesn't work, try buying it and see what happens. The only option is to click "1 hour pickup" and pick it a store but there are no stores that actually have it, so it's just a non obvious way of saying out of stock.

The same applies to every other PS4 at Powerbuy. 


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Think Sony has discontinued manufacturing the PS4 (assume that includes the Pro variant).


And hoarders/speculators are said to be impacting the market.


There is a global semiconductor shortage, and the PS5 is impacted...


Earlier this year, AMD CEO Lisa Su revealed the company is struggling to develop Ryzen 5000 processors - the technology powering both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. By Su's estimation, supply constraints may last well into the year. And Microsoft executives believe the Series X could remain in short supply until June.




so it sounds like it might be more towards the end of the year, or later given the Christmas demand, for price stabilization, especially here.



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