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Story Of My Thai Citizenship Application

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congrats! well done, truly.

some questions:

- you think the amount of taxes you paid in the years before the application was an issue?

- no written/reading test?

- how would you describe your spoken thai?

looks to me like heavily time-consuming, but not on the undoable side.

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For me : permanent resident - YES.

Citizen - NO never!

Why? I will not stand the humiliation to apply for a THAI passport and citizen.. its not worth the effort.

Its like a curse this passport.. go to europe? no automatic visa (in my case anyway) go to america..forget about it ,..u probebly go to work in the rice fields in the RICH foriegners countries.. hehe :D

BUT you have 2 passports so its different.

Again.. I won't stand the humiliation to apply for a THAI passport .


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Just curious, where are you registered at? I was told by the Police in Bangkok that I needed to apply for citizenship in the province my husbands house registration is located in. But, unfortunately, Surat Thani police are clueless. I was hoping to be able to try Bangkok, so am curious if you are Bangkok resident or not?

You can lodge your application only to the police HQ of the Jangwat that appears on your Tabien Bahn. Doesn't matter what your husband's Tabien Bahn says, it's only yours that matters. You are considered a married couple for the purposes of your Citizenship application so long as you cohabitate, regardless of what your respective Tabien Bahn say your address is.

This all means that you don't have to be on the same one as your husband. You can be on any Tabien Bahn in Bangkok, even temporarily, if that's where you want to apply.

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For me it would be peace of mind to be able to rest comfortably each day not knowing where the curent rule are heading as you can not be sure what will happen next week let alone next year if you are on retirement or marriage visa's. Congratulatons on hanging in there calmly without getting too rattled by it all.

Couldn't agree more - peace of mind was the exact reason why I went to all that trouble. Now I can live here any time I like, doing what I like, completely on my own terms.

Do you have a Thai ID card now ( pra cha con)?

If you live here on yearly extensions on a Non O does that entitle you to apply, even if you never paid any Thai taxes?

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